Well known for their Fun ‘n Funky Jewelry Designs, the 3 Funky Divas bring a special brand of custom and handmade jewelry to our community. From the fun and whimsical bottlecap collection to their more sophisticated gemstone line, these Divas have covered it all. Much of their success has been attributed to the educational and art-related backgrounds of the mother and daughter who both are certified teachers in public education with years of experience in special education, fine art, and graphic design. The grande dame Diva holds master’s degrees in online learning, adult education, and educational media design. The youngest Diva is a marketing and promotional genius when it comes to knowing what’s trending and in fashion amongst the younger fashionistas from middle to high school. Together they make up a dynamic team with expertise in many areas for this creative online community.

Below is a slide show of some of their work. There is more to come and we hope you will support this trio of small business entrepreneurs. Your comments are encouraged as well as sharing and pinning. Please be sure to like their Facebook Page- just click on the link in the right-hand column on this page. They sell their work on their Facebook page as well as through their online storefront at: http://www.goodsmiths.com/the-3-funky-divas

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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