Running out of time…


Hmmm… Saturday afternoon, December 21st… 3:11pm and here I sit trying to finish up gifts and cards for Christmas. The Wise Owl Storyteller managed to get the last of the Holiday Cards completed and sent off to everyone who ordered but now, we find ourselves in a pickle. NO more Christmas and Holiday papers to complete our own cards for family.

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? Well… time to improvise. Yep! Get out those embossing folders and rubber stamps, inks and colored pencils, ribbons, glitter, sequins and buttons, and get creative! Who says you have to have special papers in reds and greens to get this done?

Need some inspiration? Here are a few examples for those times when you have to get extra creative. Enjoy and hope we helped you complete those last minute card making sessions.


Plain green or red copy paper works great with a few punched circles and a strip of embossed card stock. Leave the inside blank and write your own message.


Use heavy cardstock or scrapbook paper- any color will do. Use a paper edge punch and create a decorative edge on one side. Cut a piece of white or a neutral color for the message area. Hand ink a branch and some ties, and your lettering. Add some colorful buttons for the ornaments and VOILA! Leave blank inside for your message.


This card takes very little time but you will need die cuts or your own machine to cut your own. Use a simple background design embossed paper- use your embossing machine to make your background. Emboss or cut a scalloped edge, fold over the top of the embossed background and adhere it to the front of your 4″ x 8″ white card stock. Add hand lettering or a die cut set of words. Be creative and use what you have on hand for this quickie.


This one is so easy and quick. Just cut a piece of white cardstock and fold in half to give you a 5″ X 7″ card. Use a winter or snow related emboss folder and create a simple background image. Add color if wanted by using fine line markers. Attach the embossed background to your card front using glue dots and you’re done. Stress free activity that even the kids can complete.


Don’t have a color printer? No problems! Find some music clip art or scan and print a piece of holiday music. Make a 4″ x 8″ white card and cut your music images to fit. Find an angel image that looks old and vintage; there are plenty of FREE downloads on Pinterest for these types of images. Print in black and white. Cut out angel image, adhere to a colored piece of paper or cardstock. Use a pale colored ink pad and a small piece of felt to apply a light amount of inked color around the edges. Adhere all parts and complete with a bit of ribbon and a bow using whatever glue adhesive you use for card making or scrapbooking. Write your message inside.


Cute as button is this adorable Snowman card. We used old buttons and a piece of ribbon for the scarf. Use a piece of cardstock for the card and fold in half. Use a white paint marker to hand letter the simple holiday greeting on the front. We used a black and white snowflake background image that you can find as a FREE printable on the Internet for the background. Attach all card elements using glue dots and then add your message inside.


If all you have is white cardstock, try using a snowflake punch or a die-cutting machine to cut some snowflakes on the left and right flaps. Using light blue stamping ink, we gently added some color over the cut-outs so that some of the blue stenciled through to the inside of the card. Inside we added a bit of glitter glue in silver to the snowflakes, and finished it up with a rubber stamped message. Soooo easy!


Finally, we wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from Texas! We used a simple 5″ x 7″ white cardstock card, made a die-cut using red for our Christmas Tree and in the middle used another cut for the shape of our state. Glued this tree in place, added a yellow die-cut star on top and finished the design using fine line markers for all the stitch lines and strand of lights. The Merry Christmas lettering was also done using die cuts but if you don’t have a machine to do this, just make a pattern and cut the tree from construction paper or cardstock. Hand letter the words using colorful markers. We left the inside blank so we could add our own personal message.



About Jewels of Kingwood

Welcome to all our visitors! So glad you took some time today to come and visit our blog- we really appreciate it. Please leave us a comment, even just to say Hi, because that gives us the opportunity to find new friends and to come and visit you! We use various techniques for our designs; some are original, meaning we hold the copyright for those designs. The design process for some of our work incorporates materials and supplies from other companies such as Close To My Heart, Unity Stamps, and subscriptions for digital files, and we do our best to give credit for those materials or the inspiration of others. If you have been inspired by our work, please feel free to use an idea as a springboard for creating your own designs; we just ask that you provide a link back to our blog, so we can share inspiration with everyone... Thanks! The Jewels of Kingwood represent 3 generations of artists and crafters who love making meaning through art and celebrating the jewels in our lives that create lasting memories. We make custom creations including greeting cards, high resolution prints, home decor, and gifts. In addition, from time-to-time, we may offer supplies and digital files for sale, showcase the work of guest artists, share other blogs, and feature technique tutorials. Enjoy and come back often! ~Kathy

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